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50: Fit and Fighitng

Vincent Soberano's new book,

My book, "50: Fit and Fighting" is now on sale
on Amazon, Kindle and select bookstores around the world!


I have been practicing martial arts for more than forty years. After a successful eighteen-year career in the IT industry, I gave up a lucrative software executive position to dedicate myself to fitness and martial training. As a retired professional fighter, I returned to the ring at age forty-three, winning world-class professional bouts against much-younger opponents. I also helped pioneer professional mixed martial arts in China, and founded one of the oldest and most successful Muay Thai and MMA gyms in Beijing. At fifty, I feel like I'm in the best shape of his life.

This book tells the story of my life-long journey and commitment to fitness and martial arts, in the hope that it will inspire others to embrace sports and clean living, and establish a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Read Between Her Lines

One of life's great truths: Women often say one thing but mean another.
Here's your translator.

Read between her lines...
"I'm between relationships."

"I'm interested, but I haven't made up my mind." She's put up a wall with an open window, says Eve Marx, author of Flirtspeak.

Your play: Ask her -- and  her gal pals -- to a BBQ. Winning over her friends will bump her off the fence and into your arms.

"I've been dying to see that movie."

"Ask me out." Any unsolicited desire she expresses about a movie or a new restaurant is often an invitation to ask her out, says Narissra Carter, Ph.D., a communications professor at Texas Tech University.

Your play: "Me, too! Want to go?" Then brandish your PDA and set the date.

"I have a boyfriend, but he lives in Rome."

"I'm taken, but I might consider a change." Her qualifier turns a typical brush-off into a possibility, Marx says.

Your play: Ask her to help you shop for a tie. She'll fill a void in her relationship by helping out with an errand. She may miss the mundane intimacy more than she misses Rome boy, and you'll be on deck.

Secrets of Sexual Potency
Excerpt from Your Best Body at 40+

Love Longer: Secrets of Sexual Potency

Read more...The fitter the body, the better the sex. That's true for women and men. Exercise whips up the libido, lifts mood and energy levels, and improves blood flow to the genitals. One study found that women who cycled for 40 minutes before watching an erotic video experienced a greater level of sexual arousal than women who didn't pedal up to the DVD! (Note to self: invite her for a bike ride .

To help you last longer and blow her mind in the sack, try these tips for bed-rocking orgasms for you and her:

Do you really need sit-ups?

Who needs sit-ups?

Read more...You can't dead lift 600 pounds if your abs aren't strong, but you will never see a 600-pound dead-lifter doing crunches and sit-ups.

Both exercises have a long history in our military, but dead-lifters know something most in the military do not: Isolation exercises are the wrong way to develop abdominal muscles.

Abdominal strength is the result of proper training in movement patterns. The abs, as the supporting cast, will develop alongside the rest of the muscles.

Isolation exercise leads to a collection of body parts, not the integrated fighting unit we need to succeed on the battlefield.

There are two excellent drills to get started on this quest — standing weighted arm raises and the "hot potato."

Top 3 Weightlifting Routines

Power Trio

Powerlifters focus on just three exercises (the ones you see here), but they still manage to train their major muscles and move thousands of pounds in a single workout. "The key is pushing yourself on each lift," says Mike Robertson, C.S.C.S., a strength coach in Indianapolis.

How to do it: Start with two light sets of squats, resting for 90 seconds in between. Next, load the bar with a weight you can lift only six times with your best effort. Perform five flawless repetitions, then rest for 2 minutes. Do the same for each of the other two exercises. Do this routine three times a week, with at least a day of rest between sessions.

3 Components of Cardio Training

Make Your Cardio Training Totally Effective

There are three components that play a role in determining the effectiveness of your cardiovascular workout: frequency, intensity and duration. These elements, along with a healthy diet, will determine whether you are a fat burning machine or not. We’ll tackle each of the categories in this article.


Frequency - is how often you exercise. Ideally, you want at least 3 days per week of cardiovascular activity. Any less than that and you won’t be doing as much good for your body as you could be doing, as your body will have time to begin to de-train itself. In addition, by exercising infrequently, you will not be able to create the necessary calorie deficit required to make you lose weight.


Intensity - is how hard you work out and is VERY important. You can spend an hour walking briskly, but would do yourself more good by performing interval training routines for 60% less time. Why is that? Because the interval sprints rev up your metabolism. Be sure to check your heart rate while exercising to make sure you stay within your target heart range.

Keep the intensity up!There are a couple of really simple ways to check your heart rate. First, use a heart rate monitor. How much more simple can it get than that? The second is the talk test. If you are breathing hard but can still converse normally, you are working in the low range of the spectrum. If you are unable to talk, you are working over your target rate.


Duration is length of time you spend working out. You should strive to train for 30 - 60 minutes per session. That is the optimal duration for fat burning, as the first 25 minutes or so are when the body burns your glycogen stores for energy. Once that process has completed, the burning of fat begins. This is the “second wind” feeling you get when you are engaging in prolonged physical activity.

Keep these hints in mind, and of course, don’t forget to warm up and cool down before and after each session.


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